Wednesday, September 20, 2006

This was from last week in Red Lake. The f/o was asleep inside the airplane, so I decided to relax outside. The nearest bench was a hundred yards away, so I reclined on the wing and read the newspaper. As long as the engines aren't running, it's a great place to spend a few minutes - the wing is cool even in the hot sun, and the curve of it offers great lumbar support :)

Thanks to IW for this pic!


Aviatrix said...

I remember sitting in a ratty terminal, chatting about how the ATR pilots never came into the terminal because thei airplanes were more comfortable than the terminal, so they just stayed on board. We all agreed we loked forward to the day when our airplanes were nicer than the terminal.

Well be careful what you wish for. I've spent some long holds in very ratter airplanes because the terminals got worse, or were no existant.

RJ Wannabe said...

Classic. I love it.

If I laid on the wings of the dung heaps I fly, my clothing would turn black and a host of other savory colors.


Anonymous said...

No chocks in Red Lake?? :-P

Sulako said...

I looked all over for wheel chocks, and couldn't find a spare set. Of course I did, as you can see that the ramp is on an incline there and I would have been happier with a spare set.