Friday, September 15, 2006

The flight today was smooth, and the owners were happy. I restocked the entire commissary this morning, as some of the snacks were getting a little too close to their expiration dates and I worried that the beers might be a little skunky. So I spent $100 to make sure everything was fresh and cold, and was rewarded with the owners telling me how happy they were with the contents of QCC's bar and snack drawers. Yeah it's a little thing, but a little praise goes a long way and it made me happy that they noticed it.

Fox Harb'r is stunningly gorgeous. I'm guessing it's spelled that way so that nobody feels left out - not the people who spell it "harbor" nor the people who spell it "harbour". Clever marketing indeed :)

The runway is 4,800' long and 75' wide, with a private GPS approach to it. The weather was good so we didn't have to worry about any of that. Right on our heels was a Challenger. They are having a golf tournament at Fox Harb'r, and the Challenger brought some VIP's from Toronto.

4,800' is a decent sized runway for us, but it's pretty small for a larger airplane. Check out the Challenger landing - the pilot wanted to make sure it was a firm touchdown so he didn't float too far. He got his wish, as you can tell by the cloud of smoke from the tires on touchdown.

Here are some pics of this place, taken from just off the runway. Rooms here start at $450/night for the basic ones. Again, it must be nice to be rich.

We are right on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.

That's the spa building. If you want a hot mud treatment or a massage or cold cucumbers on your eyelids, that's the place to go.

This is a quick tour of the men's washroom / locker room in the basement of one of the side buildings.

I spent about an hour at the resort and had a beer before hitching a ride from one of the workers to Tatamagouche, where I will be spending the night at the Train Station Inn. Fox Harb'r was all booked up, but that's fine by me. The Train Station Inn is an adventure unto itself. All the rooms are railway cars.

The Train Station Inn. The guy who owns it started it when he was 18 years old, and has added many cars to the original two he started with. He's truly passionate about trains and the office building is crammed full of memorabilia.

My caboose! Possibly the coolest idea for a hotel room ever, if you don't count the Elvis themed rooms at the Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis

Check out my guided tour here:

All in all it's been an interesting few hours so far.

More to come.


smurfjet said...

If you can afford 450$/night your ass deserves "a washroom like this".

Great post Sulako thanks for sharing.

BTW how high were the ceilings in those rail cars?

Sulako said...

The ceilings were normal, maybe 10 feet high. They certainly weren't cramped.

John said...

With my job, I get to visit some of the most high end condo's and hotels in the Toronto area. I always look at the lobby furniture and think - it's better than anything in my house. Now, after seeing that bathroom, man, I gotta stop shopping at IKEA.

christine said...

Did you eat the old snacks and drink the old beer? Because I would have.

Aviatrix said...

Christine, flight instructors will eat things they find on the floor. Even if they have teethmarks!