Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm in Nassau, Bahamas. It was a 3 1/2 hour trip, and when I left Toronto I was wearing my fleecy vest, but when I stepped off the plane in Nassau, I had to change into shorts and sandals immediately, lest I melt.

It's a strange thing to ponder - a hundred years ago, there wasn't a single traveller alive who would have gone through such quick climate change in such a short period of time during a voyage, and now, thanks to jet travel, it's just a mundane, boring sidenote on some guy's blog.

Then again, a hundred years ago, nobody had ever seen the sky from 35,000' up and today alone, hundreds of thousands of people will be looking out their windows at the earth rotating below them, and then they'll return to reading their newspaper or napping or eating peanuts from a foil bag.

The wonder of it all!

I took a bunch of pics and some video, but I realize that I forgot to bring the usb cable to connect the camera to my PC, and it's a non-standard one, so I can't swap it with my blackberry USB cable. But when I return to Toronto, I'll have some pretty cool stuff for you.

The ride here was fine, there was a huge letter "H" on the prog chart halfway between Toronto and Nassau and apparently the big H's make the skies clear.

The only thing of note was that we brought a German Shepherd here in addition to some passengers. We took a seat out so Fido (not his real name) would have more room to stretch out. Then we put down his sheepskin blanket and he settled in and promptly went to sleep for the entire trip, only waking up at the end to hop outside and have a lazy pee, before meeting the customs officer who quickly confirmed Fido wasn't smuggling in any black-market kibbles 'n bits and let him on his way.

Today I'm going to head to the water slides at Paradise Island, then maybe have some mango juice and a nice salad at a nearby cafe. Since yesterday night, I have decided to avoid booze and red meat. More on that decision in a future post, but for now the sun is sending waves of heat at me that I can only fully enjoy while sliding down plastic tubing into huge pools of water, so I'm going to go do that.

Life is thoroughly good.

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