Sunday, September 24, 2006


Here's a pic of the main lobby @ the Hilton:

This is the pool at the hotel. It sucks 'cause I screwed up the color settings, but I'm keeping the pic anyway as the sky is so beautiful. The pool has it's own little restaurant and is about 20 feet from the ocean itself.

There are lots of these hammocks in the gardens behind the hotel, between the hotel and the beaches.

A tour of my hotel suite @ the British Colonial Hilton in Nassau:

Here's a view out of one of the back balconies @ the Hilton.

This is taken later, at the executive lounge. We travel there frequently and as a result are allowed into the lounge for breakfast and for happy hour, which lasts from 5 - 10pm. The video is kind of boring, but notice that all the traffic drives on the left side of the road, like in Britain. Most of the cars have the steering wheel on the right side, too. John is one of the other pilots I fly with, and I got his permission to film him enjoying a gin and juice. He's a lot of fun. The donut store I mention in the clip was an old Dunkin' Donuts place that we watched burn down a few months ago. It went out of business and caught fire about two weeks afterward. Hell of a coincidence.

The parliament building in Nassau, visible from the executive lounge.

John, another captain I fly with, enjoying a Kalik, which is the Bahamian national beer. They are great with lime. I got his permission to post this pic, and I really like the colors in it.

At the FBO, a US Army Shorts 360 (I think), and a G-III (I think) and a DC-3 (I'm pretty sure). The airport in Nassau is very busy.

This is a tour of Executive Flight Support, the FBO we use in Nassau. The sound sucks during the outside part, 'cause there was a turboprop running it's engines and it made everything sound staticky.

Some of the scenery on departure from Nassau, heading 3 1/2 hours north back to Toronto:

I can multitask - I'm pondering the meaning of life and simultaneously working the radios:

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