Saturday, September 23, 2006


I just watched a car accident, followed by another one. I was heading to the grocery store to pick up a few items and was walking to the parking lot where my car was, when I looked to the main road and saw a car on the road slow and attempt to turn into the parking lot. It stopped, and as it was turning left into the parking lot, it got rear-ended by another one who must have been travelling at a great rate of speed and completely failed to brake. Crunch! It was a pretty severe collision, with the airbags deploying on both vehicles, and lots of smoke coming out of the rear vehicle's engine compartment. Everyone inside both cars were able to get out, which they did, and two of the occupants stood by the side of the road while the other two lay down on the grass on someone's front lawn.

The road outside has two lanes in each direction, and the accident cars were blocking one lane completely, but traffic was getting through on the second lane. I called 911 and reported the accident, and while I was doing it, two cars in the unblocked lane were involved in their own rear-end collision, which was just as severe as the first accident. I guess one of the drivers was too busy watching the smoking vehicles to pay attention to his/her own driving, and Ka-pow! The second set of cars were locked together in a metallic embrace, and nobody seemed to be exiting the vehicles, so I told the 911 dispatcher that he might as well send a second ambulance, and perhaps even a third one, and to throw a firetruck in there for good measure.

A crowd quickly formed and some people tended to the victims, who all appeared alive, if not healthy.

I decided to walk to the nearby grocery store instead of taking the car, and I saw the firetrucks and ambulances speeding toward the accident scene before I had walked a full block.

EMS workers don't get nearly enough credit.

I have the weekend off, at least for now so I'm going to enjoy it. I still haven't gone home, so I haven't connected my camera to the computer to upload all the cool Bahamas pics / videos. I'll do that tomorrow afternoon when I return home.

Funny little airliner commercial

Ads on the page aren't safe for work, but the little video is, and it made me laugh.

I saw these pics in a post that a fellow named Snowgoose made on Avcanada post and wanted to share them. Sometimes I miss the north, and sometimes I really don't. I prefer the cargo that wears a business suit and loads itself onto the plane.

More stuff:

Airbus is in the process of soiling their drawers after Emirates said they might cancel their $15 Billion (with a B) order for new Airbus A-380's, because Airbus Industrie can't seem to build the airplanes within the timeframe they promised.

They are apparently having a tough time with the wiring, and the delays are allowing Boeing to made significant headway with their latest project, the 787 Dreamliner.

The Dreamliner is a lot smaller, but I love the curves on the airplane; it really looks like a bird. Check out some renderings of it in the multimedia section of the Dreamliner site.

Last but not least, here is my default homepage on Firefox:


Fark is all about news, with humorous titles and lots of good discussion. I actually pay $5 a month for the deluxe version, TotalFark, which updates with new stories every 60 seconds or so, while the free site, Fark, updates every few minutes. Totalfark is worth it - I get my news from TotalFark and I find out about stuff more quickly than I do through TV news.

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