Saturday, September 16, 2006

Kitsch took a bunch of pictures of Fox Harb'r, including this one. He's the same guy who took all the cool pics of our plane a little while ago, and he has a gift for it.

The rest of his slideshow is here, check it out:

Kitsch's Flickr Slideshow

I hung out at the resort for the afternoon. I talked with some pilots on a, Challenger 601, they were cool. Did you know the head of most major banks have their own bodyguards? I met one. He was nice, he came to the pilot's lounge and brought fish and chips to all of us. It was delicious, but even if it had been vile I would have told him it was tasty; he had obviously been trained to kill with his bare hands at a moment's notice, and the Challenger pilots were actually scared of him. I don't know how that particular workplace dynamic works, but whatever.

After the guests were done eating, some of them returned to the Challenger and it took off just ahead of us, also bound for Toronto. Good thing they were going to the same place and not, say, Vancouver, as the Fox Harb'r guest services people mistakenly loaded all my passenger's baggage into the Challenger. I thought my passengers were bringing it out to the plane with them, so I didn't miss it until my pax showed up and I asked them where their bags were. Hilarity ensued for a few moments until the guest services people figured out what had happened. No big deal, the Challenger crew was kind enough to drop off my passenger's bags to our FBO back in Toronto.

The return flight was clear and the moon was full. The stars burned bright and I saw a meteor streak across the sky, leaving a blue-green tail across the horizon before it winked out. I watched the transatlantic aircraft pass around us, tired voices with strange accents, heading eastward towards Europe and beyond.

The boss cranked The Tragically Hip on the MP3 player, and we watched the river of lights that is Toronto come into view.

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Anonymous said...

Your blogs are a wonderful blend of the mundane world of lost bags and delays and human confusion and the sublime otherworld of meteors and music aligning itself with the stars. merci.KM