Monday, September 04, 2006

Random boring pics.

I'm enjoying the ability of my camera to take little movie clips. The sound sucks unfortunately, and I won't be a director of photography any time soon, but this is a quick look into my office. Next time I go flying (Friday I think) I'll see if I can prop the camera on the dash for takeoff and landing.

A better resolution pic of the office.

Teterboro beneath, with New York in the background. It's a busy airport, but not a scary-busy airport.

Here I am in a moment of quiet contemplation. Yes, it's a staged photo :p

It was a nice undercast layer all the way home from Teterboro. I tried to film the approach and landing, but I messed up and pressed the wrong button. Next time.

The mighty jet back in Toronto at the end of the flight. The remnants of Ernesto are drifting by.


Anonymous said...

That movie is very reminiscent of a certain MU-2 movie that you did...

Love the blog! I've directed a few of my friends to your blog. I have explained who you are by a certain phrase you said to me once before we went flying.

"Have you made peace with your God today?" as you pointed at the very long line of thunderstorms on the horizon.

I'm glad you are doing so well.

Garrett M. said...

Cool pics and video.

I had a question pop up watching a video clip yesterday and figured you might be just the guy to answer it.

This guy:

puts a CJ2 in the drink, but for some crazy reason after everyone disembarks from the floating hull, the no. 2 engine restarts. What would make an uncommanded start like that happen?

Sulako said...

I have no idea.

That being said, on our prelanding checks we light up the ignitors, which cause contant ignition in the engines. In a jet engine, the ignition process is normally self-sustaining but during takeoff and landing we like to ensure it by flipping the ignitors on - they are essentially spark plugs and they keep a spark going just in case the combustion process inside the engine is interrupted by some reason (usually rain, ice, landing in a lake, etc).

Again, I'm NOT a mechanic and I'm just guessing here and I don't know a damn thing, but I'm thinking it's a just a side-effect of the pre-landing checklist - the engines flamed out due to water ingestion at first, but 'cause the ignitors were on and the engine wound up above water, it could breathe, and the one engine lit up again.

Once again, I don't know a damn thing, It's just the first thing that came to mind.

The Big Pilot said...

Not bad...looks like your passengers weren't too happy about your adventure into pilot cinema.

This reminds me of my old days...but I had more hair. ;)

Great blog...keep it up.

Smurfjet said...

Aha a fellow Kojak. Were you taking a snooze? :P

How does your camera handle dusk/dawn? I'm experimenting with mine but the results are not promising.

ScurvyDog said...

That video of climbing through FL300 is what I miss the most about flying. That and having a nap in the cockpit ;-) I was having C560 flashbacks Sulako! If it wasn't for the lifestyle of corprate pilots, I would almost be motivated to get back into flying.