Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I recently had the opportunity to buy a huge DVD movie collection for a fairly reasonable amount of money. The person selling it was kind enough to organize a list of the movies, which I have uploaded here:


These are all the original DVD's, so don't go accusing me of supporting piracy, as I don't. The seller got into some serious debt and had to sell the collection in a short period of time, and I happened to have a few bucks handy. There are little numbered stickers on each dvd case, and that's how they are organized in my living room, rather than alphabetically.

They have arrived, and I have been watching a couple of movies each night after work. But my problem is I don't know a lot of the movies on the list, and I'm not sure what ones are decent and what ones I shouldn't waste my time on.

Give me a hand, would you? Are there any in here that I absolutely have to see? Any of them I should immediately throw in the microwave?

//For those of you who have never tried it, putting a DVD or a CD in the microwave and turning it on can be a most interesting experience, assuming you are a fan of lightning and tesla coils etc. Have a fire extinguisher handy if you choose to do this. Here's a link to a video of the results:


Anonymous said...

16 Blocks,A History of Violence,A Knight's Tale,A Lot Like Love,all the american pies & american wedding,Cheaper by the Dozen 1 & 2,Chris Rock Bring The Pain,Chris Rock Bring The Pain,City of God(if its the subtitled one),Dodgeball,Enemy at the Gates,Firewall,Goodfellas,Grandma's Boy,Hamburger Hill,Hide and Seek,Hitch,Hostel,Jay and Silent Bob,Just Friends,Layer Cake,Million Dollar Baby,Mr. and Mrs. Smith,Munich, Office Space,Both resident evil,Shaun of the Dead, Se7en, The bourne identity, The bourne supremacy, The longest yard, The man, Pink panther (05),Walk The Line,Without a Paddle. Those are some of the ones you wouldnt think of watching but are good

Anonymous said...

Broken Flowers,Blade Runner(both),Boogie Nights,21 Grams,History of Violence,Brazil,American Graffitti,Apocalypse Now,Appollo 13,Breakfast atTiffanys, omg, can you just set it up as a checklist?I am overheating at the prospect of writing them all here .And this is only up to theletter B so far.

Aviatrix said...

That's a hell of a lot of movies.

I'm going to assume you have watched things like Air Force One, Back to the Future, Die Hard, Indiana Jones. After all, you just bought a whole whack of movies, you must be familiar with the concept.

So ... watch even though you might not think to:
12 Monkeys - weird, but wasn't a complete waste of two hours
Adventures in Babysitting - PG everything-goes-wrong chase movie.
Watch it with Lisa and then if you get bored you can neck and not miss anything.
Fargo - Somehow much more than a murder detective movie.
Boogie Nights - Not as bad as you might think.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - A kid's movie, but very worth watching, even if you can't find a kid.
Fraggle Rock - I would totally watch this, even though it is silly TV for young kids. If this goes in the nuke pile, don't nuke it, I'll take it!
Futurama - Funny, smart, sarcastic.
Legally Blonde - Much better than you'd think
March of the Penguins - Awesome date movie.
Mars Attacks - Don't miss this one. smart and hilarious and beautiful direction.

Wastes of time .. well you're a guy, but don't make Lisa watch them:
Ace Ventura - juvenile physical comedy
Deuce Bigalow - adolescent physical comedy
Escape from New York - I found so unwatchable I blogged about it, but apparently it's so bad it's good.

zb said...

X-Men and Bourne Identity/Supremacy can definitely go to the microwave. I watched one of both 'series' in movie theaters so I didn't have a chance of destroying this predictable and stoopid flick after having watched it. Although destroying a whole, big and huge roll of real film might have been more fun than microwaving a little dvd.

Movies on your list that I have seen and found to be truly awesome are:

* Brazil
* Broken Flowers (featuring Dengue Fever's "Ethanopium" in the soundtrack, which is an amazing song anyway and fits in this movie even better!!)
* City of God (in case this is the one originally called "Cidade de Deus", 2002)
* Clerks ("You wanna have some fü#! with me, Berserker?")
* Crash (2004, actually)
* Fight Club
* I Love Huckabees (I 'heart' Huckabees, actually)
* Kill Bill (1 & 2)
* Leon the Professional
* Lost in Translation
* Monty Python (all of 'em)
* Southpark (all episodes, although I wouldn't label them 'truly awesome'. Still worth the time, maybe.)
* X-Files (all eposides, although I wouldn't label them 'truly awesome'. Still worth the time, maybe.)
* Walk the Line
* Wayne's World (1 & 2, although 2 is kind of really bad. Whatever. Yes: 1 & 2.)

Movies I have not seen yet but would like to see, for reasons that I don't want to disclose in some cases: Clueless, Eyes Wide Shut, Match Point, Million Dollar Baby, Munich.

I miss any movies by Takeshi Kitano on your list.

Soaring Student said...

Holy jeez, that is quite a find!!! I don't watch a lot of movies, but those in your list that I liked: A Fish called Wanda, American Graffiti, Big Fish (good one to cuddle during), Casablanca, Das Boot, Enemy at the Gates, Fargo, Finding Neverland, Million Dollar Baby, Monty Python [anything], Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List, Sneakers (OK, so I'm a nerd), The Green Mile, The Longest Yard (the original, not the recent), The Red Violin, The Shawshank Redemption (probably THE best prison movie ever made), The Whole Nine Yards (you will love the perky Amanda Peet). Why is "O Brother Where Art Thou" not on the list?

And it cannot hurt to get Lisa to watch Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease.