Monday, September 18, 2006

KPWK airport in Chicago. Only a few miles from O'Hare and a lot less hassle.

Chicago is nice, the skies here are clear and the winds are light.

There was a bit of precipitation halfway between Toronto and Chicago, but we were above it all the way here. The only thing of note on this trip is that ATC told us to start descending before we had even reached our cruise altitude. We weren't going into O'Hare and I guess they treat the airspace around it as protected and holy, so we were told to be at 4,000' around 40 miles back from the airport we were landing in. What that meant was an additional fuel burn of a couple of hundred pounds, or about a hundred and fifty bucks.

Customs was here to greet us, he was polite and efficient. I met a couple of pilots who had also flown here from Toronto, in fact I had seen them on the ramp in Toronto just before we left this morning. We went for breakfast, and had a good chat. We compared jobs and after a thorough description of each other's duties and lifestyle, they both asked if my company was hiring.


Anonymous said...

Good question. Is it hiring? KM

Shannon said...

Palwalkee? We used to do charters in there with Lockhart....fishermen...