Thursday, January 18, 2007

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The alarm clock went off at 3:45am this morning. At least I knew it was gonna go off, so I went to bed early last night. I scraped the ice of my car's windshield and drove to the airport. We loaded up, lit up and took off, heading south.

For the first hour, things looked a lot like this:

This is what we saw about half-way to our destination.

After a while the sun came up, and we got a spectacular view of the spectacularly boring undercast layer.

The clouds started to break up and it was time to land, 3 1/2 hours after we departed Toronto Pearson.

Yeah, I'm a total goof.

We landed and checked into our hotel.

Hey, this looks familiar :)

I apologize for the audio quality. My camera sucks. Perhaps there's a well-heeled internet reader who would like to send me a real video camera? And perhaps unicorns exist, I know.

I find it interesting that all the major banks in the Bahamas are Canadian. Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal, etc.

In the main harbor there were no cruise ships today - usually there are up to 5 - but there was this beast, which is a transport ferry, taking things like cars, trucks and heavy construction parts from Ft. Lauderdale to Nassau. It's at least 80 feet high an is the size of an actual cruise ship

All the school girls here wear uniforms, which must be pretty stifling in the heat. I didn't see a single boy in uniform, and I'm not sure what was up with that. I took these pics then realized that I probably shouldn't be asking school girls if I can take their pictures, so I got a little freaked out and stopped. But the uniforms are quite a striking contrast to the tank-tops and shorts that all the tourists (including me) wear.

I went for a tour of the straw market, which features local crafts and fake Gucci handbags. Actually, it's mostly fake handbags.

I stopped in on Winston the wood carver. He is happy and well, and asked if my mom liked the carvings he did.

After my gruelling trip to the beach, I relaxed by watching some fish. A cool thing happens 30 seconds into the clip - big fish chase the little fish, who then have the option of being eaten by the big fish, or jumping into the air and being eaten by the gulls.

That's all for now, I'll try to take some videos with a little less obnoxious audio.

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nec Timide said...

I'm so jealous. Nice gig. The video camera I gave my SO for XMas had poor audio until I found the factory setting was for 12bit audio. While this would let her dub the light sabre audio effects in camera (right), it sounded like yours. with 16bit audio it sounds not bad. There may be a hidden menu labled "Make sound un crappy" or somthing less obvious.