Monday, January 15, 2007

Some B-52's covered in snow in Minot, North Dakota. I think the pic is quite beautiful. A real post in a few minutes, as soon as I'm done supper.


Jim Howard said...


That answers the age old question, 'why not Minot?'

Dave Starr said...

Why not Minot, freezin's the reason indeed. But I've been to Minot and it's a fine place .. if your aren't the crewchief of one of those BUFF's, or a flightline security guard waking a post.

It is a great pic, Sully, I'm 61 this year and the BUFF was regarded as an 'old plane' when I first worked on them in 1965 and today they are still going stronger than ever (the current mods programs have been designed for a useful life out to 2040) so the old Fellow (that is what the second "F" stands for, isn't it?) may well outlive me yet.

God bless those who fly and fix them, they are special people.