Thursday, January 11, 2007

Here are 5 things about me I haven't told you yet, courtesy of a kick in the pants by Aviatrix

1. I have attended a trial twice, once when my neighbors were convicted of aggravated assault on me and threatening my life, and once again when they accused my cat of digging up their potato plants in their garden and filed a complaint against me with the city. I lost the cat trial, and had to pay $185 in damages to my neighbors for their potato plants. This was while they were both still on probation for the assault / threats.

2. I have 4 tatoos - 2 demons, a dragon and a skull - all in places that are covered by a pilot shirt and pants. I want more.

3. I once went 96 hours without sleeping on a bet. I attended work each day(I wasn't working in aviation at the time) and on the 3rd day, I saw huge hieroglyphics on the floor of the warehouse I was working in. I don't remember much else about the 4th day.

4. I own a collection of thousands of CDs of gothic / industrial music. I collect(ed) goth music for 15 years before highspeed internet and MP3's cured my desire to spend $30 on a rare disc with one good song on it. No, I never dressed up as a goth, and no I don't own any black lipstick.

5. I have a mild case of dyslexia that has only affected my ability to tell spades from clubs in a deck of cards. The shape on a card kind of swims around if I think of it as a spade or a club, but if I call it a shovel or a clover, the image resolves itself and remains constant. Hearts and diamonds are unaffected. Yeah, I'm a freak.

6th bonus fact: I was the reason Selkirk College implemented a mandatory uniform for student pilots in 1988, when I showed up for class in a blue plaid shirt with a purple paisley tie to go with my torn blue jeans. The department head brought me up to the front of the class and said "This is what we are trying to avoid". Hey, I was 17, and I'm sure my look was the fashion at the time, as was the onion I kept tied to my belt.

I'm kidding about the onion, but only that.


Anonymous said...

Can we get pictures of the tatoos?

Linn (Swedish Aviatrix) said...

Juicy stuff! Love the tattoo info :-D I have one as well, planning to expand it within the shirt/pants borders...

Soaring Student said...

Frankly, I'd rather see Linn's tattoo's