Sunday, January 28, 2007

I drove up to our airport office to tie up some paperwork odds and ends, and overheard this:

"Hey, did you check the weather for our trip yet?"
"Nah. Why bother. We are goin' anyway"
"Heh yup. I'll put in the fuel order"
"Sounds good, see you out there"

The guys were my age, and appeared to be co-captains. Their US-registered King Air 350 was outside on the ramp.

I looked outside at the freezing rain, got a cup of hot chocolate and went back inside my office, glad that I wasn't flying, and more glad that I wasn't flying with either of those gentlemen.


Anonymous said...

might as well not scare yourself!

moe darbandi said...

While getting my private pilots license I was taught the acronym IM SAFE for a go-no-go decision.

I was also told that once you get your Commercial, the acronym simply becomes "I'm going"