Sunday, October 15, 2006

Today we have a multi-media spectacular! I hope you have highspeed 'cause this isn't safe for dial-up internet connections.

All this stuff is from a week ago, when I was in Bahamas. We departed Toronto at 4am and flew to Nassau, then left Nassau the following afternoon to return home.

Watching the sun come up at FL360. We had been airborne for over an hour by the time we saw the first morning light. As soon as the sun came up, the shades of light changed. You can see it really well in the contrast between the second and third pics.

Here's a 9 minute clip of us on approach and landing in Nassau. The first few seconds are kind of cool, at around 3 minutes you get a quick glimpse of the instruments and John, and at around 6 1/2 mins into it you can see steam coming out of the windshield air vents and that's also kind of cool. The rest isn't very exciting. When we landed I tried to focus on the instruments so you could see the deceleration and stuff, but it didn't work out very well. The music is "cowgirl" by Underworld. I don't know much about Windows Movie Maker, but I'm going to learn it a little better as I can see the potential for creating some decent stuff with it.

I really have to get a video camera too - maybe I'll go to Future Shop tomorrow and see what they have in the way of hi-def cameras, find a model I like, then find a better price for it online and pick one up :)

Yeah, yeah, the Hilton again.

Most of the buildings downtown look like these ones:

The bus system in Nassau is privatized - you jump on a bus, pay a buck and it takes you wherever you want to go. Each bus seems to be individually owned by a small business operator, I didn't see any fleets.

This is Winston, a local carver. He's got a great smile. He's been carving for 30 years. You might recognize a piece or two from these pics in my mom's kitchen from a few days back.

I wandered through a local market and took this video. At the end, I walk outside and you can see one of the many cruise ships that dock in Nassau every day. A zillion tourists come out and buy whatever they get their hands on, hence the market.

This was on our way home, about 100 miles south of Carolina Beach. If convective clouds have managed to make it up to nearly 40,000', then it's a good idea to go around then as they probably have some serious power to them. You can see a line of weather on the radar, then in the next pics you can kind of see the cels in the distance. It's hard to tell from the pics, but the weather reached above our altitude at Flight Level 390 (39,000'). We picked our way around this bunch.

You can see the particular cel I was going around on the radar, then you can sort of see it peeking up above the rest of the clouds on the right hand side.

We watched the sun go down on our return flight. The view was pretty spectacular from 39,000'

I took a quick video as the sun disappeared and the moon shined bright. Good thing werewolves are rare at this altitude! Aroooo!


Anonymous said...

That Winston has the greatest snaggly toothed smile!!. And the sunset shot is amazing! KM

Linn said...

Hi Sully, I saw you've edited the pilot application entry :-D

Thank you for a great entry which helped me out when posting a job ad on my blog (in my blog I tell all applicants they should go view your entry before sending in their application to me). I came across it just browsing through your blog, which I love, by the way. Very well-written and interesting. I found it through Aviatrix.

Keep blogging and I'll keep reading.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I've been reading your blog for the past few weeks. I loved the pics and the bahamas video.