Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This is a fine cat pic, courtesy of a friend at work.

Tonight I'm going out to a local pub with a pile of pilots from the north end of Pearson. It's a great way to network and also just to relax and talk shop with people who share a similar lifestyle. I bump into the same people at the airport all the time, but we are usually on the job and so don't have a lot of time to chat about important things, like video games, movies and beer. Our weekly Tuesday night session fills in an important part of the picture for all of us, and it gives us a better idea as to how things are going in the industry overall.

Aviation is such a small industry in Canada that it's very possible the same faces I see tonight across the table might be faces I'll be talking business to tomorrow. I want to have a good reputation within the industry, and showing up and talking to people and hopefully showing them I'm not a complete tool will help in that regard.

So if you see me tonight with a pint of lite beer in my hands, it may look like I'm having fun and goofing off, but in reality I'm doing important business-related social networking. I'd hate to give the wrong impression... :)

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