Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sully here, in a strange land.

The hotel I stayed at last night didn't have internet so I wasn't able to post anything. Can you imagine a hotel in North America in 2007 not having internet? And it's not like it was a cheap hotel either. I mean, it was a lousy hotel, but it wasn't cheap. I checked out this am and checked into a Best Western instead.

My, what a fine looking airplane! Some mountains in the distance and clear blue sky above makes for beautiful, if stark, scenery.

This is an orange tree. I didn't know they grew in the wild :)

There are a whole whack of cactii lining the streets here. One of my favorite words is "cactus". It's just impossible to be angry while saying "cactus" repeatedly - the word just makes me smile.

The airport we landed in has an airplane graveyard / storage facility. Lots of old tired gas-guzzlers are mothballed here, or rather covered in tinfoil and plastic wrap until gas prices fall below $10/barrel and they become economical to operate again.

Here's a random video of the airport we are at. The part that got blotted out by the airplane noise was "I saw some Jetsgo planes here last year".

I'll write about my bad gear day story later - right now I'm off to search for cactus juice.


Mike said...

Welcome to Arizona and enjoy your stay! If you're going to be here for a few days and want to try some of the best Mexican food in the world, let me know!


Speedmaster said...

Looks strangely familiar. KGYR? :)