Monday, May 14, 2007

Here's a birdstrike video with a twist - you experience it from the passenger's point of view. The strike happens at 47 seconds into the video - this is an Airbus 319 out of Gibraltar.

There are some serious hills outside - I bet the crew was glad this didn't happen in hard IMC.


Gus Linares said...

Hi There:

I remember covering this in our local weekly

Our question was why was a/c diverted to Malaga when it was so near to Gibraltar.

Was it a question of Iberia being able to repair in SPain than in Gibraltar.

If so it was quite unfair on you + other passengers.

if you Wish to reply please email me: gus @

Thanks & Good luck


Aluwings said...

Yeah - the question of how far to fly after an engine failure can be a difficult call, with many competing parameters to be considered in a short time frame.

The 'classic worst case' Award in my mind, belongs to the British Airways captain who decided to press on to London after and engine failed during takeoff from Los Angeles.

He ended up landing short of London due to fuel concerns. If I was a pax and knew what was going on I would have been very upset.

JB said...

I was on the plane, and I can tell you itn was scary...i did wonder why we didnt go back too Gib but i presummed that it probably needed a longer runway to stop with one engine!