Sunday, May 20, 2007

The past few days have been great; enjoying time off with Lisa, and getting ready for mom's visit. That's right, my mom is coming to town and I'll be spending Tuesday with her, showing her my world. So today I cleaned and vacuumed in an effort to create the illusion that we live in less squalor and filth than we actually do. I found a family of raccoons in my laundry hamper and I know that would have freaked her out, so my efforts have already been worth it.

Next week is all about our recurrent training and PPC rides; we'll be heading to FlightSafety for some sweat-time in the simulators, then a Transport Canada inspector will be supervising our checkrides. No stress, right? :)

I have a surprise for tomorrow, but until then check out this video. It's sort of cool; the refresh rate of the video camera is the same as the rotor frequency on the helicopter.

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Anonymous said...

I'll trade you the four "mice" under the bird feeder for the family of racoons any day. Did you know mice and rats are exactly the same taxonomically? We only make distinctions for social reasons.