Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tegucigalpa Honduras seems to be the successor to the legendary "checkerboard approach" at Hong Kong's decomissioned Kai Tak airport.

Listen to the audio and you'll hear one of the people tell the camera operator "Don't be afraid". I'd disregard that advice if I was there.

Major props to the flight crew for their obvious skill in landing safely. It looks like the final approach is down a hill.

Insane Landing In Honduras - Watch more free videos

I'm flying this weekend, then next week we are heading east for a couple of days. I'll be a-bringin' the camera.

Oh, just to get the gossip juices flowing, we are anticipating some welcome developments in the near future. I'll post more about that stuff after I get permission to make it public.


zb said...

There's a cockpit view of it, too:

Pedro said...

:O This has to be the most challenging landing I have ever seen !!

Chris Nielsen said...

That's fantastic!!

Paul Tomblin said...

Did you noticed they touched down *before* the displaced threshold?

phil said...

when the main gear contacts the runway the plane still looks like it is at a crab angle. should they have added some right rudder?