Monday, May 28, 2007

I'm working on a nice long post about the rest of my checkride, and that's up on deck shortly.

But for now...

As I worked my ass off last Saturday, I took the day off today and dragged Lisa to Canada's Wonderland. It's an amusement park located just north of Toronto.

She hadn't been on a roller-coaster before, so I figured we'd start off on the Top Gun coaster, one of the most intense in the park. It's unusual in that we hang from it, with our feet dangling out the bottom.

If I could do it over again, I'd start her off on the "happy bunny kiddie koaster" or something a little less severe. I live and learn.

Til then, enjoy the video of us shrieking like howler monkeys. I'm the one on the right ;)


medic said...

How much did that souvenir cost you?

Pedro said...

lol! poor girl :) It's funny to see how she gave up on controlling her body as opposed to you on her side with a "more more!!" face ahaha

amulbunny said...

Lisa is a braver woman than I am. Space Mountain is about as exotic a roller coaster as I would ever go on. My kids love them, but not me.