Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's Spring, and that means nesting season is upon us. I was in Goderich last weekend and took a quick visit to the airport early one morning. There is a large aircraft paint shop there, and I wandered over to one of their latest projects, an old Dash 8 100 series.

This video is boring. I am unapologetic for that, but I'm sorry for the parts where the camera is looking at the sun and it goes all wonky. It's kind of sad to watch the airport decline; I spent nearly 5 years there and Goderich was pretty busy, but apparently the only traffic they get now is Skyharbor Aircraft customers.

The airport fuel tanks are old and they didn't meet the proper environmental standards any more, so they got ripped out. The thing is, the town doesn't want to pay for new fuel tanks so they haven't been replaced. That does not bode well for the future of this place.

Oh, and on a completely different note, we celebrated an addition to our family. No, Lisa isn't pregnant but she did buy a new car, a 2007 Civic. It took me 10 years to get a flying job that paid enough for a good car, and Lisa gets a job right out of university that lets her afford one easily.

It even has a moonroof. My Civic hybrid doesn't even have a moonroof.

Maybe if I'm good, she'll let me drive it once in a while.

Lisa wanted a red one, so a red one she got. The hybrid is in the background, watching the new car carefully.


Anonymous said...

Hey don't diss Honda Girl #1. And congrats Lisa. Your little red bambino is a beauty.

phil said...

More videos! That was great, got a sense of an airport many miles away.

Niss Feiner said...

Hey, atleast you arent riding an electric bike to work!

John said...

Hey! Nice pic of the dash! Do you know who was getting it painted? I work for Piedmont and wish they would get ours painted with the new US Airways color scheme already! More so I just wish we could get the awesome 400s!