Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yow. I found this at the Uncontrolled Airspace blog.

"The pilot of N1312R has a slightly dodgy landing at Alton Bay in NH Feb 10 2007. Alton Bay is actually a sea plane base, but in the winter it freezes over and the operator ploughs a runway."

Slightly dodgy doesn't really cover it. Any runway with ice on it requires some fairly serious concentration, let alone runways that are made of ice.


Dave Starr said...

Only a minor excursion ... rule one when landing on an ice runway is, land on the runwya, aside from that s/he done well. The vid was worth the download though for the lovely Navion landing that followed ... what a grand old airplane.

Dave Starr said...

Don't seem to have adirect mail for you so I'll leave this here as acomment. I remeber the incident a few months ago with that "overcautios" stalker "friend" of yours. he would go banans with the links here:
In particular I like the openatc site at the end, well on their way to having the whole world live ... gotta love that Google Earth

nec Timide said...

Yeah, I thought that was interesting. I have some time in AA5s, the full castering nosewheel can be a challenge if you are a bit off your game. Last year I watched a Cheeta pilot do a fabulous job of landing at the local strip covered in ice, cross wind and all. On the other hand, I know of a Tiger that shed its nose wheel on soft grass, so a couple of feet to the right would have been a completely different video.

Aviatrix said...

Tindi does ice runways in Yellowknife every year. I sat on the hill in my parka and watched their decidedly non-dodgy operations.