Friday, February 16, 2007

I saw this at Cynical-C Blog.

It shows a couple of booster rockets falling to earth after they detach from the space shuttle. There's a video camera on one of the boosters, and you get to watch it fall all the way down to the ocean.

If you can get past the first minute of pretty dizzying footage, it's quite remarkable. I especially like the final few seconds before / during touchdown in the ocean.

It kind of reminds me of a previous clip.

From the YouTube upload:

"Nasa released a compilation of footage from various cameras attatched to both solid rocket boosters. Nasa TV showed all views from accention to decention. But this compilation shows the most dramatic and interesting views captured. It is still primarily a single shot from low earth orbit down to earths oceans surface."


Aluwings said...

Neat soundtrack of these things falling... thanks for sharing.

curson said...

Definitely an outstanding clip!
Both the view and the "sound" of it are really fascinating.

phil said...