Sunday, February 11, 2007

I have put Google Adsense ads on my blog, in the top left corner.
100% of the proceeds, if any, will go directly to the Halton Women's Place, which is a nearby shelter.

I'm not going to encourage you to click on the ads, as Dave Starr has pointed out it would be in direct violation of my agreement with Google to do so, and I don't want to do anything inappropriate.

More aviation stuff tomorrow.


Dave Starr said...

I see that Google is showing you PA (Public Service Ads). This may be because of your post encouraging clicking on the ads is in direct violation of Google's terms of service).(they don't really care if your motives are pure)

As a long-time AdSense publisher I recommend you remove the post forthwith ... you'll either get nothing but PSA's (which pay no one) or you'll get banned ... Google is notorious for being very intolerant of "click on my ads" posts

Sulako said...

Noted and corrected.

Thanks Dave! :)

Dave Starr said...

Hate to be a fuddy=duddy, just have seen acouple people loose their account before they even started. I note the PSA's are still all that's showing, I'm a bit mystifed by that ... we'll see what happens when you post yout next 'meaty' post. I also may be seeing the PSA's becuase of my location (Philippines) advertisers can ask to only be shown to visitors from specific countries, although normally I see ads on nearly everyone's site ... let's see what fellow Canadians and US readers see. best reagrds

garrett said...

Plenty of obviously non PSAs here.

Dave Starr said...

Yes apparently the G was alittle slow to index, I am getting "for pay" ads displayed here in the Pinas as of 1300Z, 12 Feb

Aviatrix said...

I would think that he was getting Hurricane Relief ads because he was posting about weather.