Sunday, October 22, 2006

Nothing new to report today; I made sure my logbook was up-to-date as I hadn't touched it in a while.

Here's a question: Who is allowed to certify my logbook?

Is the Ops Manager allowed? What if I was the Ops Manager?

I looked in the Canadian Air Regs and I can't find any mention of who is authorized to sign off a person's logbook. After I left Northern Dene Airways, I had a fellow pilot sign it off as the boss was in another city, and Transport Canada didn't seem to have a problem with that when I went for my Airline Transport License and had to show them my logbook.

I am working on a post tonight that I'll publish soon; it's a cross-post. You'll see what I mean shortly.


medic_9 said...

soon [soon]
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Excerpt from

Drumming my fingers impatiently on the desk...

Aviatrix said...

7. [Saskatchewan only] maybe; during this geological era