Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It just hit me. I'm 35 years old. Statistically I'm half-done, medium to medium-well. What should I do before I croak? What sights should I see? What food should I eat? What jokes should I hear? I'm worried that I'm not doing enough; not being enough.

//I shouldn't have had that last mug of soy-milk, it always makes me a little hinky.


Aviatrix said...

I have a list of things I need to achieve, but sometimes things just happen that I realize should have been on my list all along. The two that come to mind are "having my name in the credits of a movie that opened at the Cannes International Film Festival" and "escaping from a morgue after being accidentally locked inside."

Add to your list, "come visit Aviatrix," so I can tell you the stories of how those came about.

You've achieved some already that are on my list. How about "visit every continent" or "learn something important from someone whom you don't have a language in common with" or "swim across an international border"?

There's "be arrested in a foreiegn country" but that's one of those you put on the list and check off after they happen by accident. You've already scored "save someone's life" as a medevac pilot (And probably "escape from certain death") too. How about "teach someone to read"?

Anonymous said...

I made a list recently because I was told by more than one person to do that. The next instruction was to read the list daily. Not to make a plan for the outcomes, just read the list.I found it interesting that a lot of the things on my list were just waiting to be written down. They had been unspoken(written)things I want to do. Some part of me already knew them. I am delighted to find myself already doing two of them(learn another language,write creative nonfiction)Try it .Just start making a list. Read it once a day. Add to it whenever you realize another thing you want to do.BTW 70 is not done. Not by a loooong shot.KM

Niss Feiner said...

Dont worry Sully, your not that only have 15 years on me. You still have your whole life ahead of you and only part of it behind allready bought a new car....enjoy your midlife crisis!

Anonymous said...

for those of you who don't know..."hinky" means somethings not quite right....i had to look it up!! :)