Wednesday, October 11, 2006

These are the front steps leading up to mom's house. It's funny watching people crab-walk up the steps to avoid stepping on anyone's face.

This is Reg, one of mom's dreaded guard animals. Fear the rabies/tetanus combination that his bite would bring.

Some pics of the inside of mom's house. There is so much to look at!

This is a view of the back garden, by the studio, looking toward the house. The view from the living room looks out over the ocean. It's pretty damn cool.

Note the wood figures at the top right - I got those for Mom when I was in Bahamas and they fit right in to general decor.

This is in the bathroom. It beats magazines :)

The living room, but I screwed up the exposure so it's hard to see some of it.


Dogbait said...

Re Reg, it happens to be my name and my nickname is Dogbait!

I don't think I'd like "Rusty" latching on to me though!

Enjoy your blog.

jennifer said...

Oh my god!!! Tell you mom I am comming out there and moving into her house!!! It's beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

You'd be welcome Jennifer, thanks for the compliment. You can't see in any of these pictures, many of my pilot son which add to the general decor!KM