Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This was taken a week ago in the UK. Click on it to make it bigger. It shows a RV-7A landing with a failure of the nosegear, which resulted in the airplane flipping over. The people were okay. I think the timing of the shot is particularly amazing.

I got the shot from


John said...

To clarify, that is actually a RV-6A. The 6 & 7 "A" have a known nose gear issue and unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened. It is only a problem on turf landing strips, when the gear hits a rut or bunny hole.

Another reason that I am building the taildragger version!

Paul Tomblin said...

John, I'm curious why, if it's an RV-6A, did somebody paint "RV-7A" on the wing walk?

Funny that the person in the pilots seat looks a lot more discombobulated than the person in the co-pilot seat.

John said...

Doh! You're right...I was confusing this with another accident. This one was actually discussed in detail on the RV forums recently. Lots of good debate for those interested in the RV series.

The -6 and -7 are very similar, the 7 being an all pre-punched kit and has a larger VS & rudder. th "A" designation denotes nosewheel.

By the way, there is also a video of this incident if you dig through the above thread...but it is cell phone video and not all that great.

Soaring Student said...

The timing on taking this shot would have been even more amazing if they were augering-in, as opposed to suffering through a nose gear collapse.

Glad nobody was injured.