Tuesday, June 05, 2007

As we were flying to our destination here in Newfoundland, we saw vast areas all around our destination that have snow on the ground. It was +24 when we left Toronto, and my passengers were all wearing golf shirts, so it was funny watching them try to divide up our spare windbreaker and jacket between the 4 of them.

The airport here is quite beautiful, so that was cool. Too bad the FBO people didn't stick around to let us in the building; we arrived 10 minutes before they officially closed, but the place was abandoned so we trudged across the ramp to the main passenger terminal to get our rental cars. It kind of sucks; everything else went perfectly, but I know what my passengers will remember most is having to walk across the big ramp with their heavy bags.

I tried to watch the hockey game last night, but the tv in my room didn't work and the local pub was closed, so I ended up playing the nickel slot machines in the lobby. I put in a dollar and won six bucks on my first press of the button. I figure this is the best I'll ever do at gambling, so I immediately cashed out and went back to my room to ponder what I'll invest my newfound fortune in.

It turns out that my motel room didn't have internet access either, so I hooked up to the front desk clerk's PC to upload this. Just a quick tour of my motel room. It ain't the best, but what do you expect for a lousy $120/night ;)

I applaud them in their quest to educate people on the dangers of using too much soap. If you look closely, you can see the bar that they provided me. Fortunately I'm not too dirty physically, just mentally.

We head back today, so I'd better get to the airport and make sure the plane is ready to go. I'll bring my camera with me and hopefully there will be something to see.

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Anonymous said...

Got a question for you. How do you feel about the all glass cockpits. What happens if the elect. goes?