Friday, June 29, 2007

This is kind of intense. It's a video of an airliner making an emergency landing after an engine caught fire. The twist is that the video was shot by a passenger inside the plane.

The voice you hear over and over again is a recording, saying "Brace brace, head down, stay down"

According to the person who posted the video, this was Flight 3337 from Washington to Dallas made an emergency landing at Dulles airport. No mention is made of the actual airline.


Evgeni said...

wow, a pretty tense moment. Besides the crew doing a safe landing, I was impressed by the flight attendants' reassuring voice.

Thanks for that link, sulako.

John said...

Here I thought this would be the video of the plane stuck on the ground at JFK for 6 or so hours, fun.

B. N. Sullivan said...

Interesting video, but it looks to me like the person who was shooting the video was not following the instructions of the flight attendant.