Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I made some friends just before we departed Deer Lake.

Blackflies AND snow - it just ain't fair!

Enroute, lots of heavy jets passed beneath us. They have about 100 knots on us, and were soon out of sight.

We dodged some pretty serious thunderstorms around Montreal and landed uneventfully back home. The pictures don't do them justice - we were at FL390 (wrongway) and were just barely above the smaller ones. The bigger ones towered past us up to 50,000' - we went around those.

Once home, my landlord dropped by with some presents. He flies long-haul for a major air carrier and was in Beijing yesterday, where he picked these up.


Now we are off to a Skinny Puppy concert. Skinny Puppy? Who the hell are they? My most favoritest band when I was a young pup. Heck, 2 of my tattoos are Skinny Puppy artwork. Yeah, I have 'issues' :)


Anonymous said...

Show us the tattoos Sulako!

amulbunny said...

I hope you slaughtered all those pesky little flies. I hate them.
Loved the DVD covers. Wonder whose Loin was king?

Aviatrix said...

Is that the porno version?