Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lots of stuff is going on right now, but unfortunately it has a lot to do with the business side of the company I work for, and I can't really blog about it. Lots of meetings though. Who knew that trying to take over the world would require so much paperwork and interdepartmental coordination?

I learned something new today. A hundred thousand dollars is also known as a 'honey' or 'hunny'. Earlier today, I heard a client say "I dropped three hunny without blinking", in this case meaning that he spent that much in the casino the previous weekend. And I thought damn, it must be nice to have such an intimate association with large sums that you make up pet names for them.

I say this as I contemplate dropping a couple of dollar-inos on some ice cream for Lisa and myself. Today was a scorcher; actually it will be too hot to sleep until around 4am, so maybe I'll hold off on the trip to the 7-11 until later.

That was my day; I left my camera at the airport and that's why I haven't posted pics lately. I'll attempt to do that tomorrow, if I get a break between meetings.

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