Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yeah, I'm still here. I flew a lot last week, and this week I'm on vacation so I'm not sure if I'll be posting much. Lisa is going in for a minor tune-up tomorrow, so I will be mostly hanging out and taking care of her through her recovery.

Here are some pics I have shamelessly looted from some friends of mine, who fly long-haul for Air Canada. Eternal thanks to Smokey McT and Linus for the images, and the permission to post them.

Japan Airlines 747 catching the sun

Shanghai 767-300, flying a thousand feet above.

Over Alaska en route to Tokyo, China Airways 747 a thousand feet above.

672 on the groundspeed. Roughly double that of my fine Citation 550 :)

The sun sets as we are landing at Incheon airport, Seoul South Korea

Morning breaks over Greenland... en route to London from Vancouver

Mostly dormant volcano over Alaska

Volcano over Kamchatka, Russia

Middleton reef, South Pacific

cluster of islands in the South Pacific ..... just south of Fiji

Upside down in a Tutor jet, circa 15 years ago.

Going supersonic in the back seat of an F-18, circa 15 years ago

Vancouver at ten thousand feet, looking east

Petropovlosk, looking south.

Sandy Bay, Australia

The 12 Apostles on the Great Coast Highway, a few hours out of Melbourne, Australia


Tiannamin Square, looking north toward the Forbidden City.

The Algarve


Tel Aviv

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Pedro said...

You've been to the Algarve ? :O I'm amazed, hehe, I'm Portuguese and I go there every summer! Did you liked it? (it's no Caribeean, but..)