Thursday, July 15, 2010

We flew from Newark to Marsh Harbour, Bahamas last night. On the way down, we passed this particularly fine electrical storm. See if you can count the flashes in 4 minutes! Or don't, that's okay too. Either way, it was a pretty unruly cel, and we kept well clear of it - at the closest point to it, we were 80 miles (130km) distant. Even from a distance, big thunderstorms look closer than they are because they are so large. I have zero interest in finding out how big they appear from up close.

I really can't sing enough praise to our weather radar and our satellite radar.

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amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I am not thrilled with storms while flying but I wish we'd get a good one and clean the air out. today the inland empire got dumped on big time. KMHV and KPMD got really bad winds and rain. I don't know about KONT but they were on the west edge of the front.

Unfortunately for us near LAX we're S--O--L.

Glad you got out of EWR. Did you get back to pearson?