Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We are currently sitting in Newark NJ, KEWR, waiting for a passenger to arrive so we can head down to Bahamas. There's lots of weather around, and our pax is flying into EWR on a commercial flight which has been delayed twice already - I'm giving it 50/50 whether or not we end up scrubbing the flight for today, and 50/50 that if we end up going south today that we end up having to stay over in Bahamas due to duty day concerns - we started our day at noon today, so that gives us til 2am to get back to Toronto. It's 4pm already, and our passenger's commercial flight still hasn't departed from it's 90-minute-away location toward Newark.

Anyhoo, Kitsch flew us here and I took a video of the ILS down runway 4R as we were dodging thunderstorms and rain on the way in. I'll tell ya, the approach controller here was a true maestro - he vectored us in between some really bad-ass cels and was able to get us nicely lined up with the runway for our final approach - from the sounds of his transmissions, he was really enjoying himself, which was cool to hear.

The video is Hi-Def in 720p, so if your computer has the oomph, crank the resolution up and go full-screen. I didn't dub a song over the audio track, so there's likely lots of wind noise and whatnot.

Now we of the joys of charter flights :)


Andy said...

Not being a charter pilot myself, I can't help but wonder...

Why didn't you go pick up the client at the other airport to begin with? Did he need the frequent flier miles?

Anonymous said...

Miserable day in these parts - glad I am not flying out of EWR

Great video


Sulako said...

@Andy: We offered, but the client chose this particular itinerary. One thing I have learned about charter is that the person with the dough makes the decisions, so that's what we went with :)

The client's commercial flight is on the way now, so I guess I'd better go put my flying clothes on, to give the illusion of professionalism ;)

Gord said...

No music needed - would've loved to have been privy to the real-life ATC discourse as you came down the pipe to EWR. Thanks for the ride in the jump seat.

Giulia said...

(quiet lurker)

I agree with Gord, no music is necessary. That was awesome to watch! Thank you. :) :)

from Ottawa

Anonymous said...

Awesome Sully.

Thanks for taking the time to share with us bug smashers. It's way cool to have a windscreen perch for the ride down the ILS.

The Other Andy

Todd said...

I just started reading your blog and really enjoyed the video. Would love to see more like it (I can watch videos like this all day, actually I've been trying to get a few up myself lately). Looking forward to the next one!