Saturday, July 03, 2010

If your computer has the horsepower, the vid is most impressive if you click on the video, then go full-screen, then change the 360p icon to hi-def 720p.

It was a nice day a few days ago, and I managed to wedge the hi-def camera into the windshield to capture a visual / ILS approach onto runway 23 at Toronto Pearson. I talked all the way through the approach but the noise of the wind on the windshield completely overwhelmed the audio, so I added a music track instead. Hopefully the copyright police won't sue me into oblivion, I think it adds a little bit of fun to the otherwise fairly routine video. The band is Underworld btw. The video is 10 minutes long, and I won't be offended if you decide to skip it, I just like the combo of dreamy music with an unobstructed view out the front :)

The wind was a direct crosswind at 20 knots, but I lucked out on the landing, so overall it was a good day :)

We are in Quebec City at the moment and I have taken a bunch of vids of that too, which I'll post later.

Have a most excellent Canada Day / Independence Day / Summer day weekend!


Anonymous said...

Awesome video, awesome music, awesome landing!

kt said...

yes, awesome vid. The beginning is my favorite part. The music and clouds are perfect. It's like the start of a movie!

ATC Happenings said...

Great video. Like most flights it all seems to come down to the landing scene - which was also good.

You can tell it was windy. I had a look with the HD and I still couldn't make a wind sock but I could see movement of the airplane on final.

Anonymous said...

Been reading you for a year or so. I work on the 525 in Europe. Just got in from 6.5 hours today and I watched this for the second time.

It captures our line or work so nicely that I want to watch it having flown 6 hours today.

Anonymous said...

very cool. especially in HD.