Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I saw this on AvCanada. This is such an evil thing to do. Seriously, I think the pax should be allowed to either press charges or vigorously groin-punch the pilot for an extended period of time.

I kinda laughed a little though.


Chris said...

There's the same vid without the preroll ad :)

Keith said...

Hey, I'm just a random blog reader, but would love to know your thoughts or see a post about this guy Roush. He has escaped death in 2 crashes. Here is the latest.

Keep flying safe, taking videos, pictures and blogging.


whywhyzed said...

You know, that video made me think......

Last week I flew to Oshkosh in a friend's RV-4 which has tandem seating. The only control available to me back there is the stick -- no throttle, rudder, etc.

Although I have a CPL and a little taildragger time, if this situation actually occured, it is sobering to think what little control I have back there. :-(