Monday, March 15, 2010

We did this on Friday. Kitsch was flying this ILS, I was in the right seat. Only the last couple of minutes is interesting, but I'm too lazy to edit my videos for length. Oh, I got a shout-out from a controller on this trip. Glad you like the blog :) After that I flew back to Toronto where the weather was actually identical at 400' and 2 miles, but I didn't get it on video - too bad now that I think of it, it would have made an interesting comparison. This is my final try at using the iphone video - it's okay but my $150 Kodak ZX1 would give a lot more detail so Ima switch back.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. As a non pilot who knows just enough to be dangerous and frequently bums rides in exchange for a split on the gas money with a pilot buddy who pedals bug smashers out of the local fractional club, that is just intense.

We're always shaking our heads in amazement and hooting and hollering over the commercial CAT3 landings you can find on Youtube, but "flying" the beam right down to the brass tacks is just cool on so many levels.

I guess in a Canadian winter/spring you get a helluva lot of practice.

Keep up the great video work when you are able. I'm totally hooked.


Anonymous said...

Please keep posting the videos as often as you can! As an "old school" air traffic controller (pre 9/11), I've had the opportunity to jump seat in a wide range of commercial aircraft (including the DC10 and B747-400) so I have an idea of what's going on in the cockpit. I guess it doesn't hurt that I'm also an instrument rated private pilot. Many of the new controllers don't know the difference between a C550 and a B767 (they're both twin engine turbojets). Your videos are valuable training and entertaining.

Hope to talk with you again on the frequency.