Monday, March 08, 2010

I saw this and had to share - this is an MU-2 doing a max performance takeoff, departing Port-de-Paix in Haiti. It rotates in about 500 feet. Watch it in HD for the full awesomeness of hi-def pedestrians walking along the runway.

We took this plane in and out of 3000' ice-covered gravel strips in the north. The MU-2 is a magical, if unforgiving airplane.


Blake said...

Man.. I love the sound of those engines. Can hear them from a mile away!

Anonymous said...

Fricking awesome. I Love MU-2s and wish that I had flown them.

Jeremy said...

It seems like immediately after rotation, there is a noticeable pitch down back to nearly level. Is that part of the short-field takeoff procedure, e.g. acceleration in ground effect?

If the pedestrians weren't familiar with that takeoff profile, they might be especially concerned!