Friday, March 16, 2007

We got back from lunch to hear the howling of a thousand angry vacuum cleaners. It was an MU-2, one of the actual planes I used to fly on medevacs a few years ago. My logbook tells me the last time I flew this plane it was from Sudbury to Moosonee to Kingston to North Bay to Timmins to Sudbury, logging nearly 8 hours flight time in the process. It says only 1.5 hours of the flying was at night, so I'm guessing the trip was scheduled for a decent hour and wasn't the dreaded 3am callout.

Anyway, I spoke to the flight crew briefly - they are doing a drop-off and a pick-up, and about to head seriously north for the second-last leg of their day. I got the captain to show me his pager, which was the same make and model as the one I wore when I flew medevacs. He made it play the tone, and even though I was standing there watching him, and even though I haven't flown an MU-2 since 2004, I still got a jolt of adrenaline when I heard the pager tone. Pavlov pwns.

I bumped into a medic I had befriended and hadn't seen since I left Thunder, so that was cool.

We head south tomorrow for some flying, so I'll take a pile of pics then.


Jennifer said...

That makes me sad. I guess that is what working for min wage and getting treated like a tard does to you....LOL Ah well.

Jamie said...

In Thompson a bunch of pilots were playing a nice game of baseball. A kid on his bike rode by and on his bike he had this weird sort of siren thingy that made a beeping sound that was eerily similar to most of our pagers.

About 20 people all at once looked down at their belts to see if they were being paged.

I LOVE not having a pager anymore. LOVE.