Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The title of the article and the web-page are both slightly inflammatory, no? Read the article for what actually happened.

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Delhi-Bangkok flight makes crash landing at Kolkata!!

Delhi-Bangkok flight makes crash landing at KolkataAdd to Clippings

21 Mar, 2007 1644hrs

KOLKATA: A Delhi-Bangkok flight of Indian Airlines made an emergency landing at the Kolkata airport on Wednesday afternoon after a passenger reportedly claimed to be carrying explosives.

The passenger, a foreign national, was arrested and handed over to the police after the flight landed here, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport director V K Monga said.

The plane was being checked for any explosives, said the official, adding that all passengers were safe.


Soaring Student said...

Son-of-a-gun. I had my popup blocker turned off (a legacy of a webinar that I had attended) and I clicked the link in this blog entry.

All the new windows... well, it was watching fireworks explode on my screen.

Silly me... but a warning in the blog entry to make sure your popup blocker is turned on is suggested.

Sulako said...

Heh point taken. I use Firefox and the popup blocker worked flawlessly, so I didn't even know it was an issue.