Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Things I want, in random order:

1. A Nintendo Wii. It looks like a really cool, cheap system but they are always sold out.
2. Abs. I blame the movie '300'. Damn you Gerard Butler!
3. My own Twin Otter on floats with custom interior featuring fridge and massive stereo system and grill that attaches to one of the floats.
4. Good health right up until I croak
5. Six-figure salary and good lifestyle in a stable job
6. While I'm wishing for #5 above, I might as well wish for a unicorn too
7. Zero debt, or at least less debt.
8. Some solution to what appears to be the imminent environmental end of our planet
9. A steaming hot shrimp / bacon / swiss cheese with lettuce and fiery plum sauce on a baguette
10. Live closer to my family. I miss them.
11. See 'Tool' live in concert again
12. Select invisibility so I can walk around naked in my house and not have to draw the blinds. You're welcome for the visual ;)
13. Watch a good new zombie movie - like maybe zombies downtown in a major city vs. the remnants of a SWAT team. The upcoming Fido looks promising, as does the upcoming project by Zack Snider (director of 300) called "Army of the Dead", which features a dad attempting to rescue his daughter in zombie-infested Las Vegas

I'm done with:

1. Rude or psycho drivers on highway 401 on my drive to/from the airport
2. Playstation 3. A thousand bucks for a game system and a game? I don't think so.
3. Dark ales that taste like motor oil and are served at room temperature.
4. The smell of cigarette smoke
5. Hair salons (get it? 'cause I'm bald!)
6. Bottled water.

What's on your list?


amulbunny said...

I heard that Grindhouse is the new scary movie to see. Might have to go to the theater to see it, Robert Rodriquez and Quentin Taratino...hmm.
My oldest kid is going to spend his tax return on a Wii if he can find one. Another wire to trip over. He also said the 300 is the best movie he has ever seen ( saw it in Imax).

Anonymous said...

1.Live closer to your family 2. a houseboat with hanging be able to do headstand and drop into a backbend.4.a superb record playing stereo that filters out old scratches on my favourite vinyl. 5. a garment that incorporates bear fur and a smart looking skirt that will work for a wedding.

Anonymous said...

PS3? no way you should be done with that. It's expensive but its the cheapest blue ray dvd player on the market so its selling like hot cakes.

The Happy Flight Attendant said...

My old figure back:)
To break out of my monotonous habits of being a couch potato.
A tall ship and a star to sail her by!

Done With:
Rude and obnoxious people.
Celebrity BS...who cares, really?
Giving and giving and giving until there's nothing left.

Aluwings said...

Intriguing list... I find myself asking if I'm willing to compromise 5 to get 8? ... Why do you torment me this way! Fly Safe...