Wednesday, August 09, 2006

These are a couple of old vids I took when I was flying the MU-2. The refresh rate of the camera was similar to a multiple of the prop speed, so the props look pretty crazy slow. Check out the pitch of the props in flight - they really carve out a huge slice of air with each revolution. The young woman smiling is M, a captain I flew with who is now on the 737 with CanJet.


Sky Captain said...

Just noticed the FlightAware link which happened to coincide with your YYZ-MEM flight August 10. I noticed you were at altitude, but doing about a hundred knots slower than expected. Was there an issue? (Freak) Turbulence?

Sulako said...

I fly a Citation 550; we are built for comfort, not for speed :) That being said, we had about 70 knots on the nose this morning heading to Memphis.