Monday, August 14, 2006

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Idiot gets his license taken away

Prairie & Northern

April 17, 2004

CAR 602.01

60 days licence suspension

An airline transport pilot flying a Cessna 172 flew very low over a truck on an ice road. During the low pass the aircraft’s right landing gear hit the cab of the vehicle causing extensive damage to the truck and the subsequent loss of the landing gear on the aircraft. The RCMP has charged the pilot under the Criminal Code for Dangerous Operation of an aircraft. In addition, his pilot’s licence has been suspended for 60 days for operating an aircraft in a reckless and negligent manner.

This actually directly relates to my previous story. The guy who did the buzz job was Dwayne, my former Chief Pilot at Northern Dene Airways, the same guy who told me to fly a plane with the flap hanging down, and made me spend the night in said plane when I refused. Some people reading this are probably going "Dude, mentioning real names is in poor taste, and it could get you sued". I guess I still carry a bit of a grudge over the way I was treated there, and I'm a petty man. I am also mentioning his name because the truth is an absolute defence against libel and this is the truth. A little background on this story:

He was flying with his young son from Fond du Lac to Uranium in the company 172, and saw a truck on the ice road which he thought he recognized. So he buzzed it, and ended up hitting the truck, injuring a passenger in the truck and knocking off one of the 172's wheels. He then had to fly to Uranium City and crash there. I wonder what he told his son on the way to Uranium to crash? Fortunately neither him nor his son were hurt. Oh, and it turned out he didn't actually know the people in the truck, he had a case of mistaken identity. So he broke his airplane and injured a total stranger, and probably scared the hell out of his own son.

I'm just posting this so you can better understand the mindset of the people I worked for in my first aviation job.

Anyway, here's a picture of a bunch of little people pulling an airplane because it makes me smile. When I worked at NDA I felt like that, only solo.

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You're not mentioning the part about having to chop your ow wood for heating fuel, because you don't think anyone would believe you, right?