Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Here are a few pics my roommate snapped of the Dash-8 Q400, as seen in Toronto. It definitely has ramp appeal. The official site is HERE. The big deal about this airplane is that it's quiet (they use active noise cancelling technology in the cabin), it's big (over a hundred feet long) and it's fast (it'll do over 400 mph).

I like the fact that the engines together provide over 10,000hp. My little jet only provides 5,000 lbs of thrust. I have only flown 2 turboprops, the MU-2 and the C-441 Conquest II. Both of them are around 1/6th the size of the Q400. I would love to fly a heavy one such as this.

A good friend of mine is interviewing for a Dash-8 Q400 job in a couple of days; keep your fingers crossed for her, I think it would be a great gig!

General characteristics

* Capacity: 68-78 passengers, depending on configuration
* Length: 107 ft 9 in (32.84 m)
* Wingspan: 93 ft 3 in (32.84 m)
* Height: 27 ft 5 in (8.34 m)
* Useful load: 26,612 lb (12,070 kg)
* Max takeoff weight: 64,500 lb (29,257 kg)
* Powerplant: 2× Pratt & Whitney PW150A turboprops, 5,071 shp each


* Cruise speed: 360 knots (414 mph, 667 km/h)
* Range: 1,362 nm (1,567 miles, 2,522 km)
* Service ceiling: 25,000 ft (7,620 m)

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Anonymous said...

Trying to get me excited are you?
I guess it's not bad looking.
I'll be done tomorrow afternoon, I'll let you know how it went.