Thursday, August 31, 2006

All these were taken by a friend of mine, Kitsch. He is a pilot also, and he sure knows his way around a camera. All credit goes to him for these great pics. If you want him to do your birthday or wedding or whatever, email me and I'll hook you up.

Click on the pics to make 'em bigger.

Our fine 550 sitting at the brand new Landmark hangar at the north end of Pearson last Sunday.

Today we are gonna see some more pics of one of my beloved 550's. The other plane was out flying the day these were taken so you'll have to wait for those ones.

She is a hard-working, good-natured airplane.

Old-school instruments. You can see the tablet PC that I was babbling about in previous posts, it's up against the copilot's window. We see satellite weather and can put approach plates on it with the aircraft overlaid on the approach plate. The plane just came out of inspection, so we hadn't hidden the wires to the tablet yet and it was a bit ugly until we did.

Note the little tiny headsets. They are noise-cancelling too, which is a nice bonus. Unless the batteries wear out and I forgot to buy new ones and the boss arches his eyebrow and I know I have done wrong.

Inside the laquered cabinets are snacks, a whole lot of booze, more snacks, coffee, hot water for tea, pop and juice, cups, plates, more booze, and some other stuff that I can't remember right now. The sideways facing divan (apparently a fancy word for 'couch') can seat 2 people.

Facing the rear of the aircraft, we can see the potty area in the distance. Nobody seems to use the potty even though it's fully functional, so we mostly use that area to store laptops and excess baggage, along with a large cooler full of beer, juice, water and wine.

We represent awesomeness, so we have our logo on our own bottled water, pillows, blankets, etc. Kind of geeky, but kind of awesome at the same time.


Aviatrix said...

I've never seen such an ugly cockpit. :) It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

It's a pity no one closed that access panel near the nose. Let me fix that:

QCC photo