Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We spend some time marveling at the free Diabeetus fountain.  I base my choice of FBO on two things:  amount of free sugar offered, and fuel price.  In that order.  
We watched other planes fly about as they pleased, because they weren't going back to Toronto.

We watched the plane as she watched the sun go down.  We wondered if we should just give up take the bus home.

Then ATC called and told us we could depart right away.  After hustling the pax on board and lighting up, we found ourselves in smooth air and calm skies.  The iPad app is Foreflight, linked to XM onboard weather.  Freakin' magic.

On final approach into Toronto this evening.  I lucked out with the landing, which was great for my already-bloated ego.  The pax were happy, the plane behaved, and I got to go home to my family.  Turned out to be a good day.

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Mike Berryhill said...


I have often wondered how you pronounce your blog's name?

Thank you for the drop box link. I can't wait to look that over?!?!?

As a devoted follower I have a freebie for you. (Yes a good one) But don't want to post in the public. Contact me here so I can offer a small token of my appreciation.

Great photos! Great Post!