Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This is for the hardcore aviation nerds.  Yeah, you :)

This link is to our Company DropBox folder of all the manuals for our particular Citation Ultra.  Yep, all of them.

The summary version would likely be the  Cheat Sheets PDF.  That'll probably get you through a checkride, though it might not get you through an...umm...intense unscheduled event - quite as well as the full manuals would.

If you memorize all this stuff you'll know more than most Ultra pilots, including me.  If you memorize this stuff and then do 16 hours in an Ultra simulator, you can attempt a checkride to get your Citation 560 type rating.  Well, technically you still have to do the ground school as well, but I guarantee you'll have an edge :)


Anonymous said...

Really nice to see you back at the Blogger controls.

Dave W said...

An interesting set of manuals (did I really just say that??)

I'm a simmer that enjoys reading the technical manuals - I got my first airbus courtesy of Aerosoft this Christmas and have downloaded a 700+ page manual from Thales regarding the FMC! If I ever get myself an Ultra I know where to come!!

All the best and thanks for an interesting blog!

Dave W (self confessed avia geek!)