Friday, January 25, 2013

I have known Bob for 15 years.  He's one of the most experienced and well-regarded Twin Otter drivers on the planet. He's been a mentor to dozens (if not hundreds) of pilots over the years, and he knows more than just about anybody when it comes to winter survival.  The plane is well-stocked with survival gear and winter tents, and at least it's currently Summer in Antarctica, meaning the conditions have improved from 'impossible' to only 'extreme'.  Bob can work with extreme - he's been doing it for decades and he's damn good at it.

So far whiteout conditions and 170 km/h winds (yeah, you read that right) at the site has made it impossible for rescue aircraft to see the airplane from above, let alone land nearby.  The weather is forecast to pick up enough in the next few hours to attempt another rescue.

Please send as much good karma as you can spare toward a safe return of all 3 crew members on board.

We're pulling hard for you Bob!

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