Saturday, November 07, 2009

My Mickey Mouse impression. Please don't sue, Disney.

Don't worry, nothing bad happened - I flew a demo flight for a prospective buyer on someone else's Citation 550. They ended up buying it right after the flight, so I can only assume it was my awesome landing that sealed the deal. Actually, my landing was more like dropping a shopping cart off a sidewalk curb, but maybe the prospective buyer was so impressed that the aircraft held together despite my spine-crunching arrival that he decided to purchase her for her demonstrated resilience in the face of hardship. All airplanes are female, btw.

I have been flying a whole lot lately, and have taken a bunch of video and pics. I'll spend the rest of the day uploading some so I can finally post them.


Aviatrix said...

Maybe he thought he was subject to "you drop it - you buy it."

amulbunny said...

Have you moved and are settled yet?